Not a media availability goes by recently in which Wesley Matthews isn’t asked about his shooting. That just comes with the territory when you’re second in the league in three-pointers made (45) and adjusted field goal percentage (69 percent), sixth in points per shot (1.53) and seventh in three-point percentage (51 percent). Trying to come up with different ways of saying “I don’t know why I’m shooting so well” is a problem any player in the league would be happy to have.

Though it won’t last forever. While it’s possible that Matthews, who has always been an above-average three-point shooter, morphed into one of the premier shooters in the league over the course of the offseason, it’s more likely that he’s simply riding a hot streak that will eventually come to an end.

But he’s okay with that. There’s no challenge on the court that Matthews isn’t up for, but even he conceded shooting ten percentage points better than his career average from three on a nightly basis might be unlikely, even if he thinks, as he does, that every shot he takes us going in.

“I know I’m not going to shoot 54, 53 percent from the three or whatever it is every night,” said Matthews. “I’m almost glad that I didn’t do (against New York). I didn’t do it against Milwaukee, we won. I didn’t do it (against New York), we won.”

If the Trail Blazers were to rely on Matthews shooting 50 percent or better from three in order to win games, they wouldn’t be 13-2. It certainly helps when he does, but there has always been a teammate ready to pick up the slack when Matthews has had an “off” night shooting.

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Mo Williams will be back in the lineup after serving a one-game suspension for this fight in the Golden State Game on Saturday:

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