It’s officially Draft Week — my favorite week of the NFL’s calendar year.

Yes, I’m a bit of an odd duck. Sure, Kickoff Weekend and Super Bowl week have their perks and watching actual football can be fun, but I love the NFL Draft. It’s where every fan of every team can look up and down a squad’s draft haul, not know a single name, and conclude, "We’re going to the Super Bowl this year."

I’ve done five mock drafts since the end of the 2012 season, and now it’s finally time to unveil my final one. This year’s particularly tough for a number of reasons:

1. I spoke to a front office executive over the weekend and he said, "I don’t envy anyone doing a mock draft this year. There could be double digit trades on the first day, alone." Oof.

2. Six of the 10 teams drafting in the top 10 not only have new head coaches, but also have new GMs. In the case of second-year GM Reggie McKenzie in Oakland, he didn’t have a pick until the end of the third round last year. It’s essentially his first draft, too.

3. It’s as wide open an NFL Draft as we’ve ever seen. There will be a pick that goes in the first round that you’ve likely never seen play. That’s how this one can go.

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