The thunderstorms that rumbled over eastern Oregon and Washington since Thursday caused over 6,000 lightning strikes.  Fire spotters have found at least 40 new fires.

The group of fires that officials are most concerned with is called the Cascade Division Complex.  It's a group of 20 fires burning 14 miles northwest of Sisters. 

The largest fire in the group is called the Green Ridge Fire.  It has burned around 200 acres as of Friday and it's getting a full assignment of crews.  It has the greatest potential to spread quickly through dry timber and they want to get containment lines around it as quickly as possible.

Several campgrounds near the fire are closed, because helicopters are dipping water from nearby rivers and it's a safety issue for campers.

The fires in southern Oregon continue to burn out of control and are not near containment.  Crews have been able to slow their spread.