There are two big changes coming to this year's Oregon Brewers Festival.  The 26th annual event starts a day earlier - on Wednesday - and glass is back.

The city of Portland is waging war on plastic bags.  A city commission clerk read the change last November; "amend code to reduce use of single check out bags".

But when the world comes to Portland for the Brewer's Festival they drink gold medal micro-brews out of plastic mugs.

"YUCK" and the Festival agrees - this year - glass mugs are back.

Charlie van Meter - brewer -Sasquatch Brewery - Southwest Portland - agrees.  "I always perceive a bit of plastic smell.  I hear complaints from a lot of people that cups will be sitting out hot in the sun and you'll pick up to your nose and it's just not quite right".

Of the 80 or more craft brewers pouring at the Festival, many got started the same way Tom Sims and Charlie van Meter did - homebrewing.

"I just really got into it, Sims says, I was looking for a career change and thought I could build a little brewery".  van Meter adds. "I got started the same way".

Sims owns Sasquatch Brewery on Southwest Capitol Highway in Portland.

van Meter makes the beer.  It's a small operation - only three fermenters.  They made 24 kegs of their ession ale for the Festival.

"We call this our - quote - light beer option.  To those who would prefer to a light beer, it's pleasing to them but it's more sophisticated than that. It's got more depth to it. It's got a bit more hops".

Great for the warm weather expected during the five day run of the greatest Brewers Festival in the known world.

Is that too much hyperbole?

The Festival is in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. 

Noon to 9 PM Wed - Sat.

Noon to 7 PM Sunday

Root Beer garden for kids and designated drivers.