Early Sunday morning, two Salem Police officers were stopped on the side of Liberty Road South near Browning Avenue.  They had their car's emergency lights on and they were investigating an unrelated matter.

The Salem Officers were standing at the rear of the vehicles when one of the officers noticed a vehicle coming straight toward them.  Salem Officer RJ Smith reacted quickly and pulled Officer Eric Ammon out of the way just seconds before their vehicles were rear ended by a passing motorist.

The other vehicle, a 2003 Ford Focus driven by Mercede Linn Ogan, 26, of Salem, hit the rear police car hard enough that it struck the other police car which was parked in front of the other two vehicles. No one was hurt.

Deputy Derschon stated that Ogan claimed to be the designated driver for her two passengers who appeared to deputies to be highly intoxicated.  After the investigation was completed it was suspected that Ogan was also intoxicated and as a result she was arrested and charged with four counts of Reckless Endangering Another Person and one count of DUII.  Ogan was taken to the Marion County Jail where it was found she had a blood alcohol level that was twice the legal limit. 

Ogan's vehicle and one of the Salem police cars had to be towed from the scene as a result of the crash.  The second Salem Police vehicle was driven away from the scene.