An elderly Vancouver woman was the target of a home invasion robbery Thursday morning.  She was at home by herself when she heard her doorbell ring several times.  When she went to answer it the door had been broken in and at least two men were in her home. They instructed her to go into a closet and be quiet they would not hurt her. The victim waited until she heard them leave and called 911.  She was not injured.

The Vancouver Police Major Crimes Unit is investigating. No suspect information is available and no vehicle was seen. Anyone with information on the possible identity of the suspects is asked to call the Vancouver Police Department Tip Line at (360) 487-7399 (referencing case #V13-14709).

The victim told police she received a phone call the previous day from an individual allegedly representing an alarm company and asking if she had an alarm. Anyone who may have received a similar call is asked to contact the Vancouver Police Tip Line number and provide any information available (phone number of the caller etc.) that may assist with this investigation. No other similar robberies have been reported.

Vancouver Police remind citizens not to provide any personal information over the telephone and to document any pertinent information such as caller ID or details if they believe the caller may not be a legitimate representative of a company.