Lightning started 54 fires in Douglas County, south of Roseburg, Friday morning.  Those fires have grown to more than 13,000 acres.  The hot, dry conditions along with mountainous terrain are allowing the fires to spread very fast.

The state Conflagration Act was invoked Saturday, and an Oregon Fire Marshal's structural fire management team has been mobilized to aid local fire departments with protection of homes.

The fires in the southern portion of the complex made a run Saturday to the east. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office evacuated homes in the community of Glendale this afternoon. Homes in the area west of McCullough Creek Road to Ruben Road were evacuated. Residents east of McCullough Creek Road to the mill west of Glendale have been asked to prepare for potential evacuation, should fire conditions worsen and require it.

Thunderstorms across southwestern Oregon Friday morning ignited the fires that are being managed collectively as the Douglas Complex.

Photo: Oregon Department of Forestry