A smoke detector set off alarms Monday night at Mike's Auto Parts at Southeast 52nd and Woodstock. The first fire crews to arrive found smoke coming from the roof, but no flame.

A second alarm was called, because an apartment is located above the store. Everyone evacuated without a problem.

Firefighters had some difficulty locating the seat of the fire due to the size of the building, low visibility, and distance between entrance and actual location of the fire. Ladder Truck firefighters used thermal imaging cameras to locate the source of heat and direct crews inside to the location of the fire; this use of a relatively newer technology in firefighting saved time in finding the fire and ultimately prevented this fire from spreading further and creating a larger incident.

The fire was extinguished and firefighters are now assisting arson investigators with sifting through the scene to determine a cause and damage assessment.

No injuries to residents or firefighters reported.

The business was closed at the time.