A small crowd gathered in the middle of Troutdale to applaud the unveiling of a statue honoring one of the great heroes of World War Two.

We are familiar with the phrase the Greatest Generation.  But as World War Two slips further into history, we can forget the names of even the best of that generation.  It is for that reason that Rear Admiral Doug Moore commissioned a bronze statue of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz.  "We commissioned this particular memorial as long overdue as a tribute to Admiral Nimitz and all those who served in the Pacific war."

After speeches heralding Nimitz's intelligence, bravery and service, his great grandson, and director of Oregon's Department of Veteran's Affairs, Cameron Smith told the audience.  "What came through in family stories was his great humility and humanity."

Sculptor Rip Caswell told of how he was moved while researching the Nimitz story to reflect on his own life, his memories of his grandfather and his understanding of men and women who dedicate themselves to something serving the greater good.

The Nimitz statue will be moved to Hawaii for installation at the U.S.S. Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor.   It will go on display September 2nd.  68 years after the formal Japanese surrender ending World War II.