"I will probably blow a .12, but I'm hoping to be a .07." Not words Deputy Nicoloff wanted to hear from a driver he had just witnessed operating a 1997, Acura at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, in the Interstate 5 construction zone near Woodburn.

Sunday at 7:22 a.m. Deputy Nicoloff was taking part in increased holiday patrols when he encountered 46 year old Samuel Purtle driving at high rates of speed south on Interstate 5 near the Woodburn exit.

Purtle was stopped for his excessive speed and after questioning Deputy Nicoloff suspected Purtle had been drinking and may be intoxicated. After failing field sobriety tests Purtle was arrested for DUII and taken to the Marion County Jail where his blood alcohol content was found to be a .15 almost twice the legal limit.

In addition to the DUII charge Purtle received several traffic citations relating to his speeding violations. The Sheriff's Office Traffic Safety Team is encouraging all holiday drivers's to use extra caution during their holiday travels, especially in or around construction zones.