Wednesday night, the Keizer Police Department responded to 4826 Ventura Loop North.  They found a woman who was dead and a man suffering injuries from gunshot wounds. 

The Keizer Police Department is being assisted by members of the Marion County Homicide Assault Response Team (H.A.R.T.) and the Marion County District Attorney's Office.

Investigators arrested two teenagers and have identified them as 17 year old Brett Pearson and 17 year old Robert Miller II.  Pearson is the son of Michelle and Bill Pearson, the two people shot.   Miller is Brett Pearson's friend.  Investigators believe they know each other from school. 

Police have not said why the two shot Brett's parents, or where they got the gun.  They are charged with Measure 11 crimes, which come with mandatory sentences.  It also means they will be charged as adults.