A 35-year old man walked into the Marion County Jail visiting area Thursday  morning and told deputies he wanted to confess to some crimes he'd committed.

Eddie Luter, of Salem, told Sr. Deputy Todd bay that he had been sexually abusing a 12-year girl who lived with him and his wife in their Salem apartment.

Luter told the deputy that the assaults began in January 2013 and continued through March of this year.  The girl, whose parents are living and working in Chuuk State in Micronesia, has been staying with the suspect and his family since 2010.  (Micronesia is a small group of islands north of Indonesia.)

Luter explained that the assaults took place while his wife was away at work and that his wife wasn't aware of his actions.

Deputy Bay contacted the victim who confirmed the confession of Luter and provided additional details to Deputy Bay.  The victim claimed she remained silent out of fear for her own safety.

Luter was arrested and booked into the Marion County Jail on 6 counts of Rape 1 and 6 counts of Sexual Abuse 1.

The victim was placed in the care of a relative. Investigators are trying to determine if there is a familial relationship between the victim and Luter.  We are also working to make contact with the victim's parents in Micronesia.