There have been more than 100 calls for police on the sidewalk and street in front of Portland city hall. 

Now the mayor wants an end to it.

Mayor Charlie Hales is tired of people blocking and camping in front of city hall - what he calls the people's house.  "We've had people trying to come into this building being harassed, having obscenties shouted at them, people having sex on the sidewalks, that's all not okay."

Ordinances allow the city action. People will be moved out some time this week.

Police Commander Bob Day, asked, what if people don't want to move?  "If they don't then there's going to be the various ordinances and laws that apply to the lawful order of police to move.  We'll just have to evaluate that as we go."

The mayor says they will also work with people on issus of drug or alcohol addiction, homelessness and mental illness.