If you're wondering what to do with that mountain of holiday paper, boxes, plastics and styrofoam, wonder no more: most of it is recyclable, starting with bows.

Metro recycling specialst Patrick Morgan says remove them from the wrapping paper for re-use next year. Then, the paper can go right into your curbside recycling bin, along with cardboard, unless its made with plastic or foil. Morgan says the best way to find out, is with a "crunch" test: if the wrapping behaves like paper when you crush it in your hand, it's probably recyclable. If it keeps its shape, it's likely not recyclable.

Block styrofoam, certain plastics, bubble wrap - old electronics - even old Christmas lights are recycable, too. Metro can help you find free recyclers. Just log onto www.oregonmetro.gov/findarecycler, or call the Metro Recycling Information Hotline at 503-234-3000.

Consider donating your excess and still-edible holiday food. Fork It Over is a program that can connect you with food rescue agencies to get your extra food to people in need. You can contact them online at 503-725-8447, or online, at www.forkitover.org.