Saturday around 3:20 a.m., a man entered the Quality Inn on Atlantic Avenue in Woodland, Washington, and confronted the desk clerk at gun point.

The suspect was wearing a tight fitting blue long sleeve shirt, black slacks and a blue winter hat with the ear flaps pulled down over a white hockey style mask.

The suspect made threats that a small black package he had in his hand was a bomb during the robbery.

The suspect fled the scene after taking a small amount of cash from the register and tying up the employee. 

A K-9 track was conducted and the suspect was tracked to a location where it is believed he got into a waiting vehicle and left. It is not known if the suspect was alone or had an accomplice.

Anyone who may have information about this robbery or who thinks they might recognize the suspect from the attached security video pictures (through clothing, body language, etc.) is asked to contact the Woodland Police Department at  360-225-6965  or  360-225-8981.