As the Portland Police Bureau awaits legal proceedings to conclude in regard to the City Council-approved settlement agreement with the Department of Justice, Chief Michael Reese directed his staff to move forward with reforms that could be implemented. This included a number of the reforms mentioned in the settlement agreement that were either already in process or were items the community had strongly advocated for during the process.

Tuesday, the Portland Police Bureau released an 80-item Action Item Matrix that has been created to track the Police Bureau's progress.

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"We have made significant progress on more than 50 percent of the reforms over the last several months," said Chief Reese. "We are pleased with our progress and want to let the community know where we are at in terms of some of these changes. Included in the matrix are also the items that require City Council changes to City Code or actions by other bodies including the forthcoming Community Oversight Advisory Board (COAB) and the Compliance Officer Community Liaison (COCL)."

The action items listed in this matrix will not be considered 100% complete until approved by oversight bodies, including City Council, community oversight boards, and the DOJ.