In 2013, the Portland City Council voted unanimously to adopt a sick time ordinance to enable people to earn time off from work to care for their own and their family’s health. 

The City of Portland has built a website to answer questions of employers and employees.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

The Portland Sick Leave Ordinance applies to all employees who work within the geographic boundaries of the city of Portland for 240 hours or more in a calendar year.  Some workers will earn paid sick time, others will earn unpaid sick time, depending on the number of employees where you work.

The ordinance is effectiveJanuary 1, 2014.

Full- and part-time employees will accrue one hour of job-protected sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum of 40 hours per calendar year.

Whether the time is paid or unpaid depends on the number of employees who work for your employer: the time is required to be paid by employers with six or more employees, and can be unpaid by employers with five or fewer employees.