Portland State faculty and the school have been negotiating for 10 months on a new contract.  An impasse was declared Monday, which means both sides must submit their final offers and then there will be a 30 day cooling off period.  Professors say they will strike if they have to and that could come in April.  Instructor David Osborn says the 1,200 tenure-track faculty members would like to see a more student-centered budget.  He says that includes less money for sports and administrators.  Salary is another sticking point between the two sides.  Faculty members initially wanted 5.5% yearly raises but the school only offered 1%.  Reports say the two sides have come close to meeting in the middle on that issue.  The school says it must trim $7.5-million from the budget for the upcoming school year.  The faculty union says it will hold a rally this Thursday at 11:30am in the South Park Blocks.