A 35-year old Salem woman is in the Marion County Jail, charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse and rape of an 11-year old boy.

Deputy Bill Ovchinnikov arrested Sarah Beth Hopkins of Salem following an interview of her at the Sheriff's Office Enforcement Division office Sunday afternoon.

The mother of the now 12-year old victim contacted Deputy Ovchinnikov early Sunday morning.  She reported that Hopkins had been her neighbor and close friend when they both lived in a northeast Salem apartment complex.  She began to be suspicious of the close relationship Hopkins developed with her son.  The victim would frequent Hopkins' apartment and often go on walks with Hopkins.

She questioned her son and learned that he and Hopkins had been sexually active for the past eight months.  The events occurred at Hopkins' apartment and occasionally in public places while they were on walks.

The mother confronted Hopkins who admitted that she had been having sex with the victim since February of this year.  The victim was 11 years old at that time.  The abuse ended about two weeks ago when Hopkins moved from the complex.

Hopkins admitted to Deputy Ovchinnikov that she and the victim had been sexually active.  She claimed that she hadn't threatened the victim or given him anything in return for the sex.

Hopkins was booked into the Marion County Jail on 15 counts of Sex Abuse 1 and 15 counts of Rape 2.

Deputy Ovchinnikov's investigation remains open.  Deputies are investigating to determine if Hopkins had sexual contact with any other juveniles. Anyone with information about this Hopkins is encouraged to contact the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 503.588.5094 or you can email the deputy at Bovchinnikov@co.marion.or.us .