Acting on a post on a Facebook page for the missing teen, police found her at Clackamas Town Center.  They have not released details of what happened to her. Police say an active human trafficking investigation continues.


Original story: 

The disappearance of Anji Dean from Camas is now getting national attention.  The 17-year-old went missing June 23 from her house.  

The last her family heard from her was a text message to her boyfriend where she said she was scared, because people had threatened to kill him and her family.

School counselors says she had talked about being involved in something she couldn't control, but also couldn't elaborate.  Her parents learned she had a cell phone they didn't know about.

They found a notebook where she wrote vaguely about the problems she faced, but it wasn't enough to know what happened to her.

Camas Police want you to look at the photos on her website and contact them if you have any information about the case.

Anji Dean's Website