Sir Stuffington is getting famous through Facebook. He came into the Multnomah County Animal shelter on September 13 with two of his siblings who were rescued off the streets. In addition to being filthy, covered with fleas, and suffering from an upper respiratory infection, he had survived some sort of traumatic injury that caused a disfigured jaw and the loss of one eye. He also has a heart murmur and flea anemia. All three kittens have calicivirus, which is contagious to other cats.

All three of the approximately 6 week old kittens were cleaned up and treated for their URI's. Next, they were sent to a foster home to recuperate.  Blazer Schaffer, volunteered to foster the kittens until they are healthy and at an adoptable weight.

Not only did Blazer provide a loving home, she created a Facebook Page just for Sir Stuffington and has been chronicling her caregiving through regular posts and adorable photos. Sir Stuffington's facebook Page already has over 1,000 "likes"!

Once Sir Stuffington is healthy and a bit larger, they're planning to perform extractions of several teeth in order to alleviate any issues the new teeth would cause as a result of his jaw injury. Dolly's Fund donations will allow the shelter to offer Sir Stuffington the extra medical care he needs to grow into a happy, healthy cat.

Sir Stuffington is not yet available for adoption. It will likely be about two months before he's ready.

Click Here for Sir Stuffington's Facebook page.

Photo: Multnomah County Animal Shelter/Blazer Schaffer