When workers at the Marion Recycling Center dumped out a cardboard box and prepared it to be recycled, the last thing they expected to fall out were two human skulls. But when they did, it brought plant operations to a halt and generated a response from the Marion County Sheriff's Office and the Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office. After a lengthy investigation, Sheriff's deputies were able to determine that the skulls had belonged to Frank Shriver a resident of North Bend, Oregon who passed away in 1991. According to family members, Shriver obtained the skulls while prospecting for gold in the Philippines, just prior to the Japanese invasion of World War II. Family members knew of the skulls but they were never on display and no one knew exactly how or why Shriver obtained them. The skulls were last with Shriver's son who lived in Salem, and it was after his passing that they were accidently thrown out with the recycling and ended up at the Marion County Waste to Energy Facility in Brooks. The skulls have been taken by the Medical Examiner and will be studied by a Forensic Anthropologist in Portland. Once the investigation is complete the skulls will either be cremated or stored at the State Medical Examiner's Office.