Aurora Kephart, a bartender at Conway’s Restaurant and Lounge in Springfield, got a tip from one of her regular customers that wasn’t advice but was worth $17,500!

A regular customer at Conway’s likes to play Keno and buys multiple tickets. When he came to Conway’s on Oct. 2, he gave Aurora a couple of his Keno tickets for games that had not yet been played as a tip, a common ritual.

When Aurora checked the tickets in the bar’s Lottery ticket scanner, one of her tickets was a $5 winner and the other was a $17,500 prize! Flushed with surprise and shock, Aurora simply said she could not accept the tickets. But her customers replied, “They are your tickets,” and insisted that she sign the tickets and enjoy the winnings. Not a bad tip for a good night’s service.

Aurora claimed her prize at the Lottery office in Salem on Oct. 3.