When Clarence Jackson, of Southeast Portland, opened a Rocky Road candy bar and took a bite he thought it tasted strange.  When he looked in the package he found worms in the chocolate.

KATU News reports they appeared to be Wax Worms. 

Plaid Pantry pulled Rocky Road bars with the same lot number from store shelves. 

The company that makes the candy issued to KATU News the following statement:


"As a third generation, family-owned company, Annabelle Candy Company’s mission is to ensure consumer satisfaction, enjoyment and well being. We take the quality of our candy products very seriously.

Earlier today Annabelle Candy Company learned that a customer had purchased a candy bar that included bugs inside the package from a store in the Portland, Oregon, area. From our immediate inquiries and investigation, it appears to be an isolated incident. Our representatives immediately went to the store and removed the product from store shelves, as well as making sure that the product was removed from sales circulation.

In addition, we have been in contact with the consumer to personally express our sincere regret on behalf of our company.

We take all consumer complaints seriously, and we do everything in our power to assure the safety and quality of our products while in our hands and en route to our retail customers.

In addition to retrieving all our other candy at the store where purchased, we tested other product manufactured at the same time that we keep at our facility and found no problems with any of those products. Also, an inspection of our pest-control records shows no pest activity in any pheromone traps inside the plant for some years preceding the manufacturing date of this particular bar.

Annabelle’s wants to reassure the public about its sanitation standards. Everything possible is done to maintain the highest standards that exceed those required by law. All products are tested daily to ensure their safety and wholesomeness. Our distributors are informed in writing of the shelf lives for all Annabelle’s products. They, in turn, inform the retailers.

Annabelle Candy Company produces nearly 15 million Rocky Road candy bars per year. While we are highly vigilant in avoiding problems, it is widely recognized in the food industry that rare incidents do occur from time to time. We emphasize that this in no way represented a life-threatening situation.

Food safety is a top priority and Annabelle Candy Company has implemented stringent inspections and policies to assure the quality and safety of our candy products. We have an excellent food safety record and take all steps to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. We conduct voluntary independent audits of all our procedures and safety practices and comply with all governmental food and safety requirements.

Our main concern is for Annabelle Candy consumers and our retailer customers. We will continue to do everything in our power to make certain that their trust in Annabelle’s is well placed."

Susan Karl, President
Annabelle's Candy Company