Forest Grove firefighters responded to the Grove Mobile Home Park Tuesday night, because of a grease fire.

A woman was cooking bacon when the grease caught fire.  She tried to get the flaming pan out of her house, but spilled the burning grease on a vinyl floor in the kitchen and a carpet in the living room.

She jumped out of a window and injured her back.

A neighbor put out the two fires in the mobile home.

The woman was hospitalized for injuries sustained jumping out the window.  She wasn't burned and didn't suffer smoke inhalation.

Firefighters offer the following tips for grease fires:

First, be ready if you are cooking anything with oil or grease, be sure and have a tight fitting pan lid ready so that you can smother a fire your pan.

Second, stand by your pan at all times, watch the heat and keep a close eye on things before they get so hot that they burn.  Third, never try and carry a burning pan from your home, use the lid to smother the flames, turn off the burner if you can, and get out to call 911 from a safe location. 

Finally, if you have children that are at a responsible age to use he kitchen it's also a good idea to talk about these simple kit  chen fire safety rules and have them practice them before you let them have free reign of the kitchen alone. 

Photo: Forest Grove Fire Department