WATCH: Episode 9 Recap: Judgment Day

Watch THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD re-cap videos below:

Looking to honor her family, Paula Hunt took the plunge and auditioned for American Idol! Watch as she describes performing for the judges in her own words.

Saying he's been playing in bands for over a decade, Tyler Gurwicz brings a certain experience to American Idol. Get to know more about Tyler and learn more about his musical influences!

Looking to prove that the third time's the charm, Paul White once again auditions for American Idol! Get to know more about the contestant who's "always loved music."

Simeon Twitty auditioned for American Idol because he's looking to take his music career to the next level. Get to know Simeon and learn what makes him stand out from the other contestants!

Even though he has room for improvement, Matthew Hamel is looking forward to his time in Hollywood to really prove himself! Get to know Matthew and find out what makes him unique!

Christopher Jones brings a Midwest flair to the American Idol auditions. Watch as he describes his "amazing" time with the judges!

Casey McQuillen auditioned for American Idol because it was a "unique opportunity" to showcase her talents. Get to know more about the Andover, MA resident!

Auditioning for American Idol has been Caitlin's dream since she was little. Now that's she's headed to Hollywood, Caitlin is proof that dreams do come true!

Madisen Walker was "speechless" when she learned she was headed to Hollywood. Get to know more about Madisen, and learn why she believes she's the next American Idol!

Omaha, NE native Tyler Marshall auditioned for American Idol because he was looking to make his hometown proud! Find out more about Tyler and discover which artists he considers major musical influences.

Andrina Brogden has a "just do it" mentality when she auditioned for American Idol. Get to know the artist hailing from Fargo, North Dakota.

Quaid Edwards wants to share his gift of singing with the world. Now that he's headed to Hollywood, he's going to have the opportunity to do just that!

Tessa Kate is blown away that she's headed to Hollywood! Learn more about Tessa as she discusses her American Idol audition experience!