My Nephew, My Hero, would have been 34 today, His Story

MY NEPHEW-MY HERO! May 17, 1983 - March 22, 2003 Today would have been my nephew Brandon Scott Tobler's 34th birthday.  I realized with so many wonderful listeners and Facebook friends, that many of you may not know his story. So on his birthday I share with you this picture gallery and his story. 

BRANDON SCOTT TOBLERTOBLER, BRANDON SCOTT May 17, 1983 - March 22, 2003. Brandon Scott Tobler was only 19 when his sweet, young life was cut short Saturday, March 22, 2003 in the desert in Southern Iraq. He was serving his country in the US Army 671st Engineering Brigade. Brandon was Oregon's first casualty in the War to Free Iraq. A night time “blacked out’ convoy in hostile territory during a sand storm, led to the fatal crash that took Brandon’s life.  He will be in our hearts forever. He loved God and his family,  all his friends, and he loved his country. He is our American Hero. God Bless you Brandon. We all love you so much and we'll be together again someday.


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