Relax The Back Beaverton joins the Eagle sponsor family

Relax The Back inBeaverton has been in the Walker Center (2750 SW Cedar Hills BLVD in the Walker Center) for over 20 years. I have toured their store, met the staff and demo'd some of their fabulous products.  Super nice people providing a great service and a terrific atmosphere. I'll bet you'll feel better just walking  in their front door. :)  Please consider dropping by Relax The Back in Beaverton for all your neck and back comfort needs.   503-643-1088

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Stu, Nathan and Mark are the Relax the Back-Beaverton experts that can answer all your questions and help get you some relief.  Don't hesitate to drop by the Walker Center in Beaverton or call 503-643-1088.  

Stu, Nathan and Mark, owner Linda (not pictured)

At Relax The Back-Beaverton they have everything for your back and neck comfort needs from morning til night and exercise to travel.  

Everything for the back from morning til night and travel

All styles of recliners and massage recliners that will take you to another world.  Oh MY!  Relax the Back - Beaverton in the Walker Center. 503-643-1088

Recliners to ergonomic office chairs and more

Relax The Back - Beaverton is your Tempur-Pedic Dealer.  They will take good care in getting you a comfortable, relaxing, perfect nights sleep.  Do me a favor, when you need relief call my friends at Relax The Back - Beaverton.  In the Walker Center, 2750 SW Cedar Hills BLVD.  503643-1088.   

Relax The Back-Beaverton is your Tempur-Pedic dealer

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