Oreo Beer? Yep, it Really is a Thing!

The foods at state fairs get all the attention, but this year the State Fair of Texas has something more unique to offer: Oreo Beer. Sure, they had all the eats you’d expect, from Deep Fried Froot Loops to Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burgers, but this Oreo Beer is not your average fair fare.

A guide for the annual event says the Oreo Beer from Barrera's is made with an American milk stout and has an Oreo cookie floating in it. The rim of the cup is even lined with Oreo cream filling and coated in crushed cookie crumbs. According to the beer’s creator, it tastes like “vanilla, brown sugar, and cream, with hints of roasted coffee.” Now that actually sounds good!

So how did folks at the fair like Oreo Beer? The reactions on social media range from “amaaaazing” to “definitely a weird one to try, not bad, but never again.” The State Fair of Texas is running through October 22nd, so head on out and try one for yourself, if you dare.


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