Man Accused of Helping Teen Kill Herself: 'It Be Awesome'

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What a Utah man should've done, at least per one friend's advice, when 16-year-old Jchandra Brown told him she wanted to kill herself: talk her out of it. 

What Tyerell Przybycien is charged with doing instead: helping her set up and carry out her suicide, the Daily Herald reports. On Tuesday, a 4th District Court judge ruled there was "reasonable belief" that enough evidence exists to send the Spanish Fork man to trial for Jchandra's death, charging him with first-degree murder and failure to report a dead body, both felonies.

 If convicted, he could face 15 years to life in prison. In court documents cited in the Washington Post, prosecutors say when Jchandra told Przybycien of her plans, the 18-year-old texted another friend to ask what he should do, and the friend told him he should persuade her otherwise. Przybycien, however, reportedly had the reverse reaction.

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