The 2017 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book!

Every year since 1926 Neiman Marcus releases their annual Christmas book, which includes their infamous “Fantasy Gifts,” which are out of reach for most normal folks. Well, the latest edition is out now and this year’s no exception.

Among the crazier items on the “Fantasy” List, along with their huge price tags:

  • Madame Alexander Dolls for a year, along with a custom-made dollhouse - $8,000
  • A private New Year’s Eve party for 300 people at The Knickerbocker hotel in Times Square - $1,600,000
  • His & Hers Rolls Royce Limited Edition Dawn Coupes - $439,625 and $445,750
  • Armand De Brignac Travel to Champagne and create your own blend - $150,000
  • Private Flight and Photo Shoot with aerial photographer Gray Malin - $35,000
  • Explore Zambian Gem Fields with famed Jeweler Stephen Webster - $300,000
  • Olympia Le-Tan Handbags, along with a two night, three-day stay at the famed Ritz Paris and more - $45,000
  • Ryder Cup Ultimate VIP Package -$250,000
  • Matching sapphire and diamond bracelet and necklace - $222,000 and $278,000
  • Butler bunny brooch - $98,000

Source: USA Today

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