Domino's Pizza Now Has a Baby Registry!

It all started nine months ago when Domino’s launched a wedding registry in February, so it only makes sense that now they’ve launched a baby registry, too. The pizza chain’s service allows loved ones to buy dinner for soon-to-be moms and dads and new parents, and has some cute toys, gifts, and clothes for the little one too.

Domino’s has teamed up with baby registry giant Gugu Guru to create Here expecting parents can fill their wish lists with pizza specials like “Sleeping Through The Night” and “Hormonal and Hangry,” along with pizza-centric clothing and baby supplies, like teethers and adorable pizza slippers.

“While new parents are focusing on their tiny special delivery, Domino’s will focus on delivering great pizza for dinner, or lunch, or late-night feedings,” says public relations director Jenny Fouracre. “Our baby registry is a fun way for parents and their friends and family to take care of the adults at a very special time in their life.”

All cheesiness aside, these guys are onto something, because when the effects of those sleepless newborn nights kick in, dinner from Domino’s could be a lifesaver.

Source: Fox News

Dominos Baby Registry


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