Time Magazine's Person of the Year Is...

“Time” Person Of The Year Is…”The Silence Breakers”-

”Time” has chosen a collective group as its Person of the Year.

They are the people who've spoken out against sexual harassment, launching movements like #MeToo. Among those mentioned is Ashley Judd, who was the first star to talk about being sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein.

The magazine notes that the voices finally speaking up about misconduct come from all walks of life. The article notes that while the reckoning has appeared to pop up overnight, the issue of sexual harassment has been simmering for decades, but now CEOs and powerful people are being “toppled” because accusers are speaking up.

Anonymous, everyday women are featured in the story and are being honored for pronouncing “#MeToo.”

As far as the runners up, President Trump received second place recognition. The President of China Xi [[ She ]] Jinping is ranked third. 

Source: Time

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