UK Woman In Love With...A Chandelier!

A May-December romance is raising eyebrows because of “what” the 90-year-old is.

Amanda Liberty is 33 and the love of her life is 90…and a chandelier. Yes, a light fixture that hangs elegantly from the ceiling. “Lumiere,” as she calls her, caught Liberty’s attention on Ebay and she immediately fell for her. After shelling out four hundred pounds, she had her fiance.

Liberty is settling down with her find after being in an “open relationship” with the 24 other chandeliers that grace her home. Lumiere is fitted with an engagement ring in between the crystals that hang down.

While she is a one chandelier woman now, Amanda does cuddle and sleep with another chandelier named Jewel…but jealousy isn’t an issue.

As for the hope of having a ceremony, the woman says "I hope at some point we will have a commitment ceremony – I haven't been engaged before so it's very new and exciting!"

Source: Sun

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