New Years Resolutions for Couples

We still have a few weeks until New Year’s Eve, but it’s not too early to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Most of us give up on them by February, but if you get another person involved to help hold you accountable, it can help you stick to it. And if that person is your partner, even better. Here are some couple’s resolutions you and bae can do together.

Put down your phones and be present - Sounds simple enough, but following through is harder than you think. So make it easier by committing to do it together.

Volunteer together - This time of year more people are focused on giving back, but the need is there all year long, so this year pledge to volunteer as a couple once a month.

Prioritize sexy time - Plan date nights, schedule sex on your calendar, just do whatever it takes to make sure you’re putting your S.O. at the top of your to-do list.

Experiment in the bedroom - While you’re making sex a priority, try something new, too.

Be Emotionally Honest - Keep it real when talking to the one you love. Even if it’s tough to be honest, it’ll bring you closer as a couple.

Show more gratitude toward each other - We all want to feel appreciated, so make a point to thank each other for the big and small things you do.

Say “I love you” more often - Finally, an easy one!

Go on a new adventure together every month - It can be small, like trying a new style of food, or visiting a museum, or go big and take a trip to a someplace new together.

Give more compliments and criticize less - Being critical of your main squeeze can eat away at your relationship, so spend 2018 trying to lift each other up instead of picking each other apart.

Let it go - You get a clean slate for the year on January 1, so leave the past where it belongs: in 2017.

Source: Elite Daily

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