What Your Cuddling Style Says About Your Relationship

Not everyone is a fan of cuddling, but science proves that cuddling is beneficial to your health and your relationship, too. Snuggling with someone causes your body to release the feel-good hormone oxytocin, lowers stress levels, and creates a bond between you without you saying a word. And according to body language expert Tonya Reiman, your go-to cuddle position reveals a lot about your relationship. Here’s what she says the three most popular snuggling positions mean.

  • Lying face to face with your partner - Cuddling face to face is a sign of a very intimate relationship. In long-term couples, it shows they’re still very much in love, and with new couples it shows they’re really into each other. This position lets you keep eye contact and share a moment of trust and vulnerability.
  • Spooning with your partner - Reitman says this cuddle position shows feelings of strong communication, affection, and satisfaction. It’s more common in long-term relationships, but with new couples it shows they’re comfortable with each other already. Being close, like when you’re spooning, also releases dopamine, a chemical that increases sexual desire.
  • Resting your head on your partner's chest - "Lying head to chest is a display of dominance and submission in the same way it is a demonstration of trust, affection, and love," Reiman says. A woman will rest her head on the chest of someone she trusts and it gives her partner the chance to wrap their arm around her, making her feel protected.

There’s no wrong way to cuddle, just make sure you’re getting the connection and affection you need from your partner. Cuddling brings oxytocin and that makes you feel good, so don’t miss out on those snuggles.

Source: Elite Daily

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