My conversation with a Facebook Lottery "Scammer"

Read full scam here!

Please kindly choose one now Cheque delivery: cash delivery: ATM delivery:

Scott: OH, OK.....Cheque Delivery

 In order to claim your winning prize you are to Reconfirm some Data-Bases in which the Facebook Board will make use to get your Winning Certificate and all Necessary document available for you before they can release your winning Funds to you


Full name: Home address: Country: Mobile Number: Email Address: Zip code: city: state:


Get back here asap


Hold for verification of your information OKay.


Mail address;



Before information can be save into the database your mail address is needed okay.


Scott: Okay!



Waiting for your mail address


Scott: OK send me yours first.



Send your email to process your identification on the data base


Your mail is needed asap to process your winning money


Scott: Ha Ha, if this is Facebook Administration, you have all my info including my address. Huh?



Yes we have that here


Don't be scared okay


Scott: Okay!



Seem you are not ready to claim your winning prize


Did you have a mail or not?


Scott: Nope, I live under a bridge like you!



Stop insulting okay


Scott: Why, you are intelligence.


They will pull out all stops to get your info!


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