Stupid Stuff Couples Fight About!

While there are always a few couples who claim they never fight, the truth is they are probably lying. It’s simply human nature for couples to argue, and while sometimes disagreements can be for very serious reasons, often significant others will argue over some of the stupidest things.

Well, in case you missed it, a new hashtag on Twitter has folks revealing exactly what those stupid things are. The #StupidThingsCouplesFightAbout hashtag kicked off over the weekend, and people couldn’t help but share, and some of the posts are hilarious, and totally relatable.

Stupid things couples argue about include:

  • “Whether or not Die Hard was a Christmas movie.”
  • “Who holds the remote is very big in our world.”
  • “Who’s the better driver.”
  • “Why it’s so difficult to replace the toilet paper after it’s gone.”
  • “Snoring.. he snores too loud but he denies he snores...”
  • “Putting the toilet seat down.”
  • “When she has a dream about you doing something stupid, then blames you for it.”
  • “Why the person who takes the garbage out can't put a bag back in can.”
  • “Breathing too loud.”
  • “Putting the cap on the toothpaste.”
  • “Definitely when they cheat on you by watching tv shows without you.”
  • “Whether we’ve been fighting a lot.”
  • “Pineapple on pizza. Clearly, it's a great topping.” 

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Source: Elite Daily 

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