Valentine's Day Gifts That Guys Will Actually Like!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it’s time to wrack our brains over what to get the men in our life.

To make it a little less painful, the brilliant minds at “Bustle” have compiled a killer list to help! Even the most finicky man will like these.

  • A sleek watch. Guys are into these again.
  • Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics Underwear. Whatever geekiness they are into, there are briefs for that.
  • A personalized wallet. Timeless.
  • Whiskey stones. Not painful like the kidney kind, these go in the drink like an ice cube but without diluting his drink.
  • A drone.
  • A cookie cake.
  • A basketball hoop mug. Goes great with any fun cereal!
  • A Beer making kit! Oh yeah…

For more, check here.

Source: Bustle

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