Best and Worst Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and while you may not think it’s all that important, a lot of people actually celebrate the made up Hallmark holiday. A new poll finds that two-thirds of Americans will celebrate the holiday this year, with 48% going out to dinner for the occasion and 28% celebrating at home.

Of course there will also be gifts involved, and it really isn’t something you should wait until the last minute to get. Overall, 34% of Americans are happy with a night out as a gift for Valentine’s Day, with 32% saying chocolate is an ideal gift, while 26% enjoy a thoughtful card, and 23% are okay with a gift card.

And there are certainly some gifts you don’t want to get your significant other. The poll finds that the least desirable gift is a gym membership (24%), followed by sporting equipment (19%), kitchen appliances (16%) and a stuffed animal (15%). So, you better go return that Valentine’s Day bear.

Source: Moneyish 

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