Score Free Hershey's Gold When Team USA Scores Gold!

The Olympics start this week in South Korea and Hershey’s if offering fans the chance to win free candy every time Team USA wins a gold medal in the games. Starting this Friday, anytime Team USA wins a gold medal, the company will give away coupons for free Hershey’s Gold Bars.

Each time Team USA wins gold, Hershey’s will post a link to Twitter and Facebook and the first 10,000 fans to respond to the post will get the chance to claim a Gold Bar coupon. It’s a first come, first serve offer and only available while supplies last, so you’d better be quick if you want your free candy bar.

In case you’ve never had the pleasure, the Hershey’s Gold Bar features a caramelized creme with salty peanuts and pretzel bits. So it’s the perfect salty and sweet combo. The free Gold Bar giveaway starts Friday February 9th and ends March 18th.

Source: Chewboom

Hershey Gold Bar

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