KGW News Anchor Joe Donlon Says "GoodBye"

After 20 years KGW News anchor Joe Donlon says "Goodbye"

Joe Donlon (KGW-TV)

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It has been an amazing run. To be honest, I thought it would end here. But after 20 years in Portland, I’m leaving.

I started this Facebook page a couple of years ago, and I can’t tell you how vital it has been to my sanity. It has become an invaluable creative release for me, and a way to clear my head at 2am. I’ve written about stories in the news, the issues we’re all facing, and some of the most personal details of my life. It’s a precious link I cherish - to connect with those of you who read and interact with my musings.

The good news is, those musings will continue.

I’m a simple man. I came from humble beginnings in Ferguson, Missouri. When I went to Marquette University to study broadcast journalism, my mom thought I’d be doing farm reports in Iowa. We laugh about that now.

I have never had stars in my eyes. I didn’t think I had to make it to a certain market or the network to feel like my career had been a success. And I wouldn’t change a thing. But I recently got a call from a legendary TV station I grew up watching, in one of the greatest cities in the world. With our youngest child heading off to college, it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. It is literally a dream job for me.

To my colleagues at KGW-TV, there is no way I can thank you enough. We have a building full of smart, creative, and insightful journalists who are dedicated and committed to bringing the best possible news product to Portland. I have loved every day I’ve spent with you.

I wish I could take a fraction of the capital I have built in Portland with me. That’s not how it works. I will have to start over, and prove myself every day in a city that doesn’t know me. But I am beyond excited about what’s ahead. I can’t begin to tell you how honored and humbled I am to join such an incredibly talented team. It is truly one of the best TV news jobs in the country. The magnitude of this hire is not lost on me.

Thank you, Portland. For 20 years of incredible memories. We’ve had a blast, but we’re going back home to the Midwest.

I’ll see you soon with Micah Materre, Tom Skilling, and Dan Roan on the evening news at ‘Chicago’s Very Own’ - WGN TV

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