Believe It or Not, You Can Recycle Almost Anything!

Before you throw something out, and we’re not talking food, think of it differently.

Can the item be recycled or repurposed? Probably! You’d be surprised how much of your stuff can find a second life. Here are some ways to recycle/repurpose.

  • Old clothing - Instead of donating, you can repurpose them into blankets, pet beds, pillow covers. The ideas are nearly endless!
  • Furniture - Instead of tossing it to the curb, you can refinish it, re-upholster it, toss some paint on it, or make a whole new piece!
  • We are not kidding! The National Crayon Recycle Program will take your broken crayons to create new ones. Brilliant!
  • Old stuffed animals - No matter how tattered your old stuffed bear buddy, there are organizations that will take them, fix them and get your plush pal to another child. Beanies for Baghdad and Loving Hugs are two of the organizations.
  • Juice Pouches. Don’t toss those Capri Sun pouches! Instead ship them off to TerraCycle and they will donate two cents to the charity of your choice. The pouches will be turned into purses, pencil cases and more that are sold at Walgreens and Target!

Source: Reader’s Digest

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