Oregon is Home to World's Largest Cinnamon Roll!

A bakery in Medford has created the largest cinnamon bun in the world, setting the Guinness World Record with a confection weighing an impressive 1,149-pounds! Wolferman’s gourmet bakery created the nine-foot mega cinnamon roll at the Harry & David Corporate Campus in Medford, but if someone unraveled the dough, it’d be as long as the Seattle Space Needle is tall!

Bakers used a custom-made 6-by-9-foot stainless steel pan to cook this big boy with more than 800-pounds of dough. And where do you bake a pan that large? The engineering and mechanics team came built the 1,400-pound pan mounted powerful propane burners underneath to cook it.

Slices of the world’s largest cinnamon roll were sold over the weekend at the Pear Blossom Festival in Medford, but if you missed out, don’t worry - you can still get in on the action. To celebrate their new Guinness World Record, Wolferman’s is selling a limited-edition five-pound version of their colossal confection for $50. But it’s made with 80-ounces of dough, so it’s big enough to feed eight.

Source: The Daily Meal

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