Facebook to Offer Dating Feature!

Facebook’s F8 developer conference is revealing a lot of new features and changes to Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social media giant would be launching a dating features. The opt-in feature would match users to people that they aren’t already friends with. Facebook users could build a dating profile, which friends won’t be able to see. 

News of the new feature caused shares of Match.com and it’s parent company IAC to dip. 

Do you think Facebook’s dating feature is a good way to meet people or does it encourage infidelity? While I've never used internet dating apps, Mrs. Chonga and I DID reconnect on Facebook after 20+ years...but, we were friends. I think the dating feature will be another good resource for those looking for love. As for encouraging infidelity, let's face it, if people want to cheat, they're gonna cheat. I don't think the feature will cause more affairs. Just my two cents!

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