How To Celebrate Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you!

You’ll be hearing that a lot today as “Star Wars” fans all over the world will celebrate the galaxy far, far away. The pun has turned into a major celebration. Star Wars Day was created by fans after they were able to connect with one another around the globe. The film company who created Star Wars, Lucasfilm, has fully embraced the holiday and this year, they are using it to boost the hype for “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” which hits theaters May 25.

Fans celebrate the holiday by hosting movie marathons, sharing their favorite Star Wars moments on social media and even by cooking Star Wars recipes. TBS is doing the honors of running the movie marathon today and stores and businesses all across America are finding creative ways to add to the fun.

Here are some ways to enjoy this:

  • Find the unique things (like “Star Wars” themed doughnuts) that businesses are selling.
  • Drink blue milk.
  • Try a virtual reality take on the franchise.
  • Let your geek flag fly and buy something “Star Wars” related.
  • Binge the movies.
  • Binge the animation series that are out.

Bonus! Tomorrow (Saturday) is Free Comic Book Day, so you’ll be able to get your hands on even more “Star Wars” swag at local comic book stores!

Source: USA Today

May the 4th Be With You

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert aired a special Star Wars trailer for Ron Howard, Director of “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” that combines both Star Wars and Howard’s former show, Happy Days. Pretty cool!

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