Twitter Asks For the 4 Words Every Girl Wants to Hear

A new relationship meme making its rounds on Twitter breaks down what women really want to hear. The meme uses a dated stock photo of a guy whispering in a woman’s ear while she smiles and the caption reads: “Post the four words every girl wants whispered in her ear.”

And of course, Twitter has had lots of fun with it. There were some earnest comments, like “Will you marry me?” but who cares about those? We’re all about the fun answers, like these:

  • “He’s gonna be impeached”
  • “I loaded the dishwasher”
  • “I don’t watch sports”
  • “Go buy another pair”
  • “Paid your student loans”
  • “You’re right. I’m wrong”
  • “I got extra guac”
  • “Let’s watch some Lifetime”
  • “I make my sandwiches”
  • “Sleep. I got this”
  • “There is more wine”
  • “Here’s my credit card”
  • “I voted for Hillary”
  • “I’m sorry. You’re right”
  • “Let’s get some tacos”
  • “Yeah, hire a housekeeper”
  • “I baked a cheesecake”

Source: Whimn

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