Most Mispronounced Places in the U.S.

 Houston [[ HOW-stun ]] Street in New York City is one of the 17 most mispronounced places in the U.S.

A "Business Insider" report says pronouncing it Houston [[ HEW-stun ]], as in the Texas city, is the quickest way to get yourself labeled an outsider. (and by the way, there’s also a Houston [[HOW-stun]] Delaware!)

But the number one spot in the nation that's mispronounced is the Silver State. It's Nevada [[ nuh VAD uh ]], not Nevada [[ nuh VOD uh ]].

 Other linguistic troublespots include Cairo [[ KAY-ro ]], Illinois, Mackinac [[ MACK-un-naw ]] Island, Michigan, Spokane [[ spo-CAN ]] Washington and Louisville [[ LOO-uh-vil ]].

See the rest of the list here and find out if you're guilty of saying them “wrong.” I did pretty good, only missing a couple of 'em! 

Source: Business Insider

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