Reminder to Remember Pets in Hot Weather!

With summer in full swing and sections of the country dealing with a heatwave, it’s time to remember your pets feel it too.

Have you ever walked barefoot on hot pavement? It hurts! Well, dogs can get paw burns from it. That’s just one of the ways experts are reminding you to take caution with spot or fluffy. Veterinarians say it's important to limit the amount of time dogs are on hot pavement and concrete while out on walks.

In addition, putting rubbing alcohol on their paw's foot pads can help cool them down. Just like humans, dogs and cats need plenty of water and shade as the mercury rises. Also, with ticks and fleas more common during the warm months, owners need to be on the lookout as well.

And don’t forget to keep your pup away from picnic food and safely out of earshot of fireworks.

Also remember, leaving a pet in a hot car, even with a window cracked, could lead to severe injury or death. It’s best to leave them home. The symptoms of a pet being overheated include heavy panting and drooling, weakness, and disorientation.

For more summer pet safety tips, visit the ASPCA website.

Source: ASPCA

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