No Corkscrew to Open a Bottle of Wine? No Problem!

Sometimes you’re ready for a glass of wine and don’t have a corkscrew, but that doesn’t mean you can’t open the bottle. GRAMMY winner John Legend shows us how to do it in a new video for Tastemade, trying out four Internet wine opening hacks for when you can’t find your corkscrew.

First, Legend demonstrates the “screw method,” which uses a screwdriver to insert a screw into the cork and a hammer to pull it out like a lever. His second approach is using a lighter to heat the cork out. The singer speeds the process along by heating his with a kitchen torch and the cork just pops out, so be prepared and protect your eyes.

Legend’s third method isn’t very complicated, but it works. “If it’s a wine emergency and you need to get to the bottle quick, you can just force the cork down into the bottle using a pen,” he explains while testing the method out and splashing wine in his face, adding, “Still tastes great.”

And the last option Legend tells us to try is just remembering where we left the dang corkscrew. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Source: The Daily Meal

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